Analysts Take Aim at Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE:AMP) Shares

Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE:AMP) currently has an Average Broker Rating of 1.07. The ABR rank within the industry stands at 214. This number is based on the 7 sell-side firms polled by Zacks.  

Each brokerage research report carries with it some form of recommendation. The brokerage firms may use different lingo for their rating systems (like saying Outperform instead of Buy), but they can all be properly sorted into our 5 level classification system that is now the industry standard. Each of the 5 classifications has a value associated with it to help compute the ABR. 

As the name implies the ABR will show you the Average of Brokerage Recommendations on a given stock. The benefit is that you quickly get a snapshot of where Wall Street stands on a stock without having to read a mountain of research reports.

Broker recommendations are made by brokerage firms (for example, JP Morgan) and are not an outright recommendation to buy or sell a share, but instead give an indication of how the broker thinks the company will perform relative to its sector. Their recommendations are issued over a particular period of time. The recommendations provided in the Research Centre are shown on a 75 day rolling basis. Each brokerage firm has its own way of rating that may make it difficult to compare broker recommendations between the brokerage houses.

For example, at one brokerage “buy” may be the strongest recommendation, while at another “buy” could be second to a “strong buy” rating. The second-highest ratings also have a number of different other names: “accumulate”, “outperform”, “moderate buy” or “overweight”.

Analysts on a consensus basis are expecting that the stock will reach $176.25 within the year.

When active traders find an opening to get in on a stock they think is about to make a move, they may try to buy up as much as they can before the price moves back outside the buying range. This buying may be seen when the stock market dips after a bearish move. Spotting these buying conditions and being able to make a timely move can help the trader take advantage of various market scenarios. Winning traders are typically ready to pounce on any opportunity they find in the stock market.

Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE:AMP) closed the last session at $162.56 and sees an average of 814031.56 shares trade hands in each session. The 52-week low of the stock stands at $97.58 while the current level stands at 98.02% of the 52-week High-Low range. Looking further out we can see that the stock has moved 17.91% over the past 12 weeks and 55.75% year to date.

Research analysts are predicting that Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE:AMP) will report earnings of $4.24 per share when the firm issues their next quarterly report. This is the consensus earnings per share number according to data from Zack’s Research.

Most recently Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE:AMP) posted quarterly earnings of $4.24 which compared to the sell-side estimates of 3.97. The stock’s 12-month trailing earnings per share stands at $15.85. Shares have moved $4.65 over the past month and more recently, $0.48 over the past week heading into the earnings announcement. There are 2 analyst projections that were taken into consideration from respected brokerage firms.

7 analysts rate Ameriprise Financial, Inc. a Buy or Strong Buy, which is 100% of all the analyst ratings.

With so many different stock trading strategies to choose from, new investors may become overwhelmed when presented with all the possible options. Some investors will choose to rely on the expertise of professionals, while others will try to have a go at it on their own. Investors who prefer to do their own research and make their own investment decisions are quite common these days. Of course there is no set in stone way to properly trade the stock market. Markets and economic situations are constantly changing. Staying on top of all the latest information and global developments can be challenging. Investors who are able to stay the course and put in the required time might be able to eventually give themselves a leg up in the future.

This article is informational purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell the stock.

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